Clément de Gaulejac


Artist, writer and illustrator Clément de Gaulejac has lived in Montreal for more than 12 years. His works have been shown at the Centre des arts actuels Skol (2013), the Feng Zikai Museum (Shanghai, 2012), L’Œil de Poisson (Quebec City, 2011), and Occurrence (Montreal, 2010), and in group exhibitions at Saw Gallery (Ottawa, 2006), Charles S. Scott Gallery (Vancouver, 2006) and Recyclart (Brussels, 2005). His published works as an author include Les cordons de la bourse (2014), published by Éditions la mauvaise tête, as well as Grande École (2012) and Le livre noir de l’art conceptuel (2011), both published by Éditions Le Quartanier. He is currently at work on a PhD thesis entitled “L’anecdote, tactique et théorie,” in Study and Practice of Art at Université du Québec à Montréal. He has published the blog l’eau tiède since 2006.

Clément de Gaulejac’s work involves research into the scope and limitations of language. Employing a humorous approach, he creates surprising dialogues between images and words, between the real and the symbolic. Subversions of meaning, linguistic play and changes in logic level are some of the processes that he uses in inviting spectators to perceive unexpected resemblances between things and, in so doing, to construct new connections that challenge the hegemony of rational thinking and its system for explaining the world.


Clément de Gaulejac. Siren Songs. Children's exhibition
2015.09.03 - 12.05

A lighthouse calling to mind a Tower of Babel, a one-eyed drill, and a clandestine grocery basket are some of the figures imagined by Clément de Gaulejac in his visual and sound installation created for young audiences aged 8 to 12…

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Interview with Clément de Gaulejac during his exhibition at VOX.

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