Jon Davies


Jon Davies is a Montreal-born curator, writer, and PhD Candidate in Art History at Stanford University. Between 2008–12 his curated retrospective People Like Us: The Gossip of Colin Campbell toured across Canada. In 2011–12, he curated the large-scale exhibition Coming After while working as Assistant Curator at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto. His book Trash: A Queer Film Classic about the Paul Morrissey film was published in 2009. His edited anthology More Voice-Over: Colin Campbell Writings will be published by Concordia University Press in 2021.


“I Almost Ran Over Liza Minnelli Today”: Colin Campbell and Lisa Steele in L.A., 1976–77
2021.02.11 - 06.26

In September 1976 video artists Colin Campbell and Lisa Steele packed a Volkswagen station wagon full of equipment and clothes and left Toronto for Southern California…

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