Oxana Timofeeva


Oxana Timofeeva–member of the artistic collective Chto Delat?–is an Associate Professor at the European University in St. Petersburg, a senior research fellow at the Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Science (Moscow), a deputy editor of the journal Stasis, and the author of books History of Animals: A Philosophy (Jan van Eyck, 2012; Moscow, 2017; Bloomsbury, 2018), and Introduction to the Erotic Philosophy of Georges Bataille (Moscow, 2009).


Chto Delat? Performative Practices of Our Time
2018.02.14 - 03.31

The collective known as Chto Delat? (What is to be done?) employ narrative strategies borrowed from the theatre of Bertolt Brecht and reclaim elements of the aesthetic vocabulary of the avant-garde to open up a critical space in Russian political discourse, both historical and contemporary…

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Discussion with Erdem Taşdelen, Oxana Timofeeva and Véronique Leblanc

VOX invites you to a discussion around the analogous issues raised by the exhibitions The Curtain Sweeps Down and Chto Delat? Performative Practices of Our Time. This roundtable will bring together artists Erdem Taşdelen (Toronto) and Oxana Timofeeva (St. Petersburg), as well as curator Véronique Leblanc.

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