Patrick Beauduin


Born in Congo, Patrick Beauduin moved to Belgium at age 7 where he lived until he immigrated to Canada in 1994. After studying Journalism and Social Communication, Mr. Beauduin worked for Europeen advertising networks before immigrating to Canada where he held executive positions in the creative departments of BCP and Cossette. Since 2010 Mr. Beauduin is the executive director of radio at Radio-Canada. In addition to a prestigious career in advertising and the media Mr. Beauduin has been teaching at HEC Montréal for the last 12 years and he is committed to several humanitarian causes.


Discussion with Sven Augustijnen

The exhibition will open with a discussion with Patrick Beauduin, executive director of radio at Radio-Canada, on the issues surrounding Sven Augustijnen’s pratice and the history of Congo’s decolonization.

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