Thierry de Duve


Historian and philosopher of art Thierry de Duve is Evelyn Kranes Kossak Professor at Hunter College, City University of New York, and Emeritus from the Université de Lille 3. He has been Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa from 1982 to 1990. He is the author of many books on art and on the aesthetic of modernity, which include Nominalisme pictural : Marcel Duchamp, la peinture et la modernité (Paris: Les Éditions de Minuit, 1984); Au nom de l’art : Pour une archéologie de la modernité (Paris: Les Éditions de Minuit, 1989); Résonances du readymade (Paris: Les éditions Fayard, 1989); Cousus de fil d’or : Beuys, Warhol, Klein, Duchamp (Villeurbanne: Art Édition, 1990); Pictorial Nominalism (University of Minnesota, 1991); Kant after Duchamp (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1996); Clement Greenberg Between the Lines (Chicago/London: University of Chicago Press, 2010); Look, 100 Years of Contemporary Art (Gand: Ludion, 2001), and Sewn In the Sweatshops of Marx: Beuys, Warhol, Klein, Duchamp (Chicago/London: University of Chicago Press, 2012). Two volumes of his Essais datés – respectively titled Duchampiana and Adresses – have been published by the MAMCO (Geneva) in 2014 and in 2016. Volume One of Aesthetics at Large: Art, Ethics, Politics, a book of his essays on aesthetics inspired by Kant’s Critique of Judgment, has just appeared from the University of Chicago Press (2018). His latest manuscript, Duchamp’s Telegram, expanding on six essays he published in Artforum in 2013-2014, is forthcoming from Reaktion Books (London) in 2020.


Discussion with Thierry de Duve, Chantal Pontbriand and Normand Thériault

VOX invites you to a discussion around the issues raised by the documentary reactivation of 03 23 03 (1977). This roundtable moderated by Marie J. Jean will bring together historian and philosopher of art Thierry de Duve with two of the original exhibition’s organizers, Chantal Pontbriand and Normand Thériault. Admission is free, but seats are limited!

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“Créer à rebours vers l’exposition”: The case of 03 23 03
2019.02.15 - 04.27

Continuing its research into the practice, history and future of exhibitions and their documentation, VOX presents the fifth in its series of documentary exhibitions, dedicated this time to the event 03 23 03 – First International Encounter on Contemporary Art in Montreal, 1977. Organized by France Morin, Chantal Pontbriand and Normand Thériault and presented in a disused post office, this major event included an exhibition, a series of performances, and debates.

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