Journées de la culture. Contractual highjacking

The Discriminating Gentlemen’s Club, Of Black Kites Against Black Skies, still, 2007, Super 8 film transfered to video, 7 min 2 s. Courtesy of the collective.

The Discriminating Gentlemen’s Club Archive, 2006-2009. Edition of thirty boxes and video archives. Courtesy of the collective.

Photo: CGA~DGC.

Guided tour and exclusive artworks
Saturday, September 29, 2018
at 2:00 pm

Free admission

Young and old alike are invited to take a behind-the-scenes look at the new exhibition The Radical Imaginary: The Social Contract with Geneviève Bédard, Exhibitions, Communications and Education Coordinator at VOX. You will also have the opportunity to discover—and manipulate, in accordance with museological procedures—original artworks by The Discriminating Gentlemen’s Club, unveiled at the event with their special permission! Mediators will be on site to greet the participants as of noon, the guided tour and unveiling of the works will take place at 2 pm.


The Radical Imaginary: The Social Contract
2018.09.13 - 12.15

The group exhibition The Radical Imaginary: The Social Contract is the first project in a series of exhibitions about the Institution and its history, seeking to understand how artists have either associated themselves with or been opposed to it, gradually inflecting its positions. The judicial system is the institution studied in this initial component.

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The Discriminating Gentlemen’s Club (DGC~CGA, 2006-2011) is a group of artists operating under the guise of a closed and semi-secret society. Making performance, videos, and taking part in various leisure activities—from flower arranging to fox hunting, among others—the sum of their efforts might be most clearly defined as the building of their own history and mythology.