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Colin Campbell, Hollywood and Vine, still, 1977. Courtesy of Vtape, Toronto.


Until June 13, 2021

In conjunction with the exhibition at VOX “I Almost Ran Over Liza Minnelli Today”: Colin Campbell and Lisa Steele in L.A., 1976–77 and the launch of the book More Voice-Over: Colin Campbell Writings by Concordia University Press. Courtesy of Vtape

Colin Campbell, Hollywood and Vine, 1977, 20 min

In this video Campbell performs as his persona the Woman from Malibu, who chronicles her life and views on society, not in a broad way, but through fetishistic details. Hollywood and Vine is the final tape in the six-part series that Campbell created around this idiosyncratic female persona. Here the Woman from Malibu tells anecdotes about her late husband and then walks off into the Mojave Desert in search of pony skeletons to reassemble in her basement.

Watch Lisa Steele, The Ballad of Dan Peoples, 1976, 8 min.


“I Almost Ran Over Liza Minnelli Today”: Colin Campbell and Lisa Steele in L.A., 1976–77
2021.02.11 - 06.26

In September 1976 video artists Colin Campbell and Lisa Steele packed a Volkswagen station wagon full of equipment and clothes and left Toronto for Southern California…

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Jon Davies in Conversation with Lisa Steele and John Greyson

Join guest curator Jon Davies for a wide-ranging conversation with two key figures in Canadian video art: artist Lisa Steele, and film/videomaker and Colin Campbell collaborator John Greyson.

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Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell was born in Reston, Manitoba, in 1942 and received his MFA from the Claremont Graduate School in 1969. His works include Sackville, I’m Yours… (1972), The Woman from Malibu (1976), and Bad Girls (1980). He moved to Toronto in 1973…

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