Étant données – roundtable

Full video recording of the event Roundtable discussion: Étant données, held on November 10, 2017 at VOX, in French. Before engaging with the public in a discussion, several members of the research-creation program “Au-delà des images opératoires” (UQAM) share some of their ideas and inspirations for the exhibition to be presented at VOX from April 26 to June 30, 2018. New ways of making art using methodologies inspired by the détournement and deconstruction of information technologies are discussed, among other things.

The video, produced by the research-creation program “Au-delà des images opératoires”, is archived and broadcasted on Hexagram’s Vimeo channel.


Étant données – roundtable discussion

VOX invites you to a discussion around the issues raised by the upcoming exhibition Étant données (spring 2018). The presentations will be in French.

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Étant données
2018.04.26 - 06.30

In this age of Digital Everything, a new infrastructure is gradually framing our perception and reconfiguring our experience. With that in mind, the group exhibition Étant données – in collaboration with “Au-delà des images opératoires” research-program – brings together art experimentations that…

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