The Musical Years: 1920–2020
Credit: Graphic design by Dominique Mousseau.
Credit: Graphic design by Dominique Mousseau.
Credit: Graphic design by Dominique Mousseau.
Credit: Graphic design by Dominique Mousseau.
2020.08.18 - 2020.10.31

Marie J. Jean

Specific work and performances
Michaela Grill & Sophie Trudeau
Manon De Pauw & Pierre-Marc Ouellette

Abstract cinema
Martin Arnold, Henri Chomette, Marcel Duchamp, Viktor Eggeling, Oskar Fischinger, René Jodoin, Raoul Hausmann, Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack, Alexander László, Ernst Lubitsch, Norman McLaren, Zdeněk Pešánek, Hans Richter, Gaston Sarault, Kurt Schwerdtfeger, Thomas Wilfred

Animation films
Cordell Barker, Martin Barry, Claude Cloutier, Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby, Co Hoedeman, Julia Kwan, Alexandra Lemay, Michèle Lemieux, Diane Obomsawin

Music videos
Mark Abramson & Edward Dephoure, Laurie Anderson, Associates in Science, Ellis Bahl, Steve Barron, Brian Beletic, Robert Bleyer & John Moffitt, Blue Source, Bucko & Tucko, David Byrne, Peter Care, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Gaëtan Chataigner, Roman Coppola, Martin Creed, Chris Cunningham, Dave Davies & Ray Davies, Jonathan Demme, Xavier Dolan, James Frost & OK Go & Syyn Labs, Kevan Funk, Romain Gavras, Kevin Godley & Lol Creme, Michel Gondry, Jerome Guiot & Paul van Haver, Winston Hacking, Jörn Heitmann, Tim Hope, Yves Jacques, Matt Johnson, Stephen R. Johnson, Spike Jonze, Kahlil Joseph, Emily Kai Bock, Kevin Kerslake, Daniel Landin, André Leduc, Robert Longo, David Mallet, M.I.A., Mike Mills, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Russell Mulcahy, Hiro Murai, Tony Oursler, D. A. Pennebaker, Roy Pike & The BOX, Bill Pope & Randy Skinner, Mark Romanek, Ladislav Rychman, Keith Schofield, Stéphane Sednaoui, Jon Small, Cho Soo-hyun, Walter A. Stern, Corinne Stübi, Roland Stutz, Jan Švankmajer, Trabant, Matthew Vachon, Chad VanGaalen, William Wegman, Dougal Wilson

Marie J. Jean

In the last century, the invention of the motion picture camera ushered in a succession of diverse technological developments conducive to the synthesis of sound and images. Devices that combined projected images with music, such as colour organs, the optical theatre and the Sonchromatoscope, were among early examples. But it was through cinema, once it became possible to synchronize music with moving pictures, that this field of experimentation would be radically renewed. This exhibition provides opportunities to observe changes in that audiovisual production through cinematic and musical works in which a relative tension between image and music is exerted—for most often, the relationship between the two is one of subordination: either the visual production relegates the musical component to a secondary role, or the pictures serve to illustrate a musical composition.

The aim of this exhibition is to provide a spatial and musical experience of these works produced over a span of a hundred years, while prompting audiences to reflect on this process of visualization of music and musicalization of images. Contemporary artists are featured alongside film makers of the avant-garde in a circuit including silent films with added sound, abstract and experimental cinema, music videos, as well as musical performances. A series of animation films complements the program, designed especially for children.

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Glimmer. Performance by Sophie Trudeau and Michaela Grill

In the context of the exhibition The Musical Years: 1920–2020, VOX is pleased to present Glimmer. For this original performance, musician Sophie Trudeau and video artist Michaela Grill are partnering to create a specific work…

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Youth workshop

In conjunction with the exhibition The Musical Years: 1920-2020, VOX announces a green screen music video workshop for children and families.

Participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the green screen incrustation technique by creating a brand-new music video based on a selection of songs.

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