Room Rental

VOX offers its space for rent to artists, associations and corporations for launches, press conferences, film shoots or other events.

The minimalist design reception area includes a lounge located at the entrance of the exhibition hall. This space can be rented with a kitchen1 to accomodate a catering service and bar, but it is only available at the end of the day for launches and other similar events.

Dimensions: 84 square meters
Capacity: between 50 and 100 people

Please contact us for further information about fees, schedules and other information regarding room rentals

1. Rentals includes a counter with bar and fridge, and a fully equipped kitchen (fridge, sink, dishwasher). Cooking on site is prohibited.

Audio/Visual Equipment Rental

VOX provides artist-run centers with preferential rates for equipment rentals by the day, week or month.

Availability of our equipment may vary depending on our own exhibition requirements.

Please contact us for more information about equipment rentals: