Worldline 1969-71.

Bill Vazan. All over la planète


184 pp., ill. col. and b/w, biogr.
22,5 x 29,5 cm
VOX, centre de l'image contemporaine
ISBN 978-2-9808856-6-2
French, English
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Marie J. Jean, Robert Graham and Zoë Tousignant

Under the direction of Marie J. Jean

Design: Dominique Mousseau

The writing of art histories, including those of Québec and Canada, is generally informed by significant works of art that come to matter to a given collective psyche because of their relevance and, especially, their depth. Bill Vazan’s WORLDLINE (1969-71)—the republishing of which, forty-six years on, accompanies All over la planète—is in that category of works that are emblematic of our cultural history. This book has become the invaluable reminder of a world-spanning happening that made use of then-new geomatics technology to deploy a work/event in twenty-five museum institutions across the globe, and it clearly demonstrates Bill Vazan’s lucid, ambitious vision.

Our new book, with essays by Marie J. Jean, Robert Graham and Zoë Tousignant, contextualizes this major project in the artist’s practice, notably his Land Art projects, in a journey from local to global.

This publication is printed in 500 copies, including a Special Edition of 25 copies numbered and signed by the artist.


Bill Vazan. Worldline 1969-71

This publication documents every step in the production of this undertaking—a process that took three years—and includes the artist’s correspondence, geodesic calculations, and images of the various participating sites.

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