The Knowing Image


64 pp., 30 ill. (12 col.), biogr.
21 x 15 cm
VOX, Centre de diffusion de la photographie
ISBN 2-980160-87-3
French, English
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Marie-Josée Jean

Intimacy has invaded the public domain. Whether the context is politics, entertainment, advertising, or the internet, we are constantly bombarded with images of intimacy, making the confrontation between private and public emblematic of our times. This aesthetic is reflected in the work of the nine photographers and video artists presented here. The treatments range from somber and studied to theatrical and burlesque but collectively lay bare the relations with the Other.

Raymonde April, Nathalie Caron et Charles Guilbert, Donigan Cumming, Angela Grauerholz, Sylvie Laliberté, Laura Letinksy, George Steeve.