I am telling you that I am incapable of ending this activity. Claire Savoie


120 pp., ill. col. and n/b, biogr., solo and group exhibitions, bibliogr.
13 x 20,8 cm
VOX, centre de l'image contemporaine and Musée régional de Rimouski
ISBN 978-2-9808856-1-7
French, English
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Marie-Ève Charron, Marie-Josée Jean, Jacinto Lageira and Bernard Lamarche

This first monograph devoted to the work of Claire Savoie documents and analyzes her videographic output as well as recent and older installations. It includes an interview with Marie-Ève Charron along with essays by Marie-Josée Jean, Jacinto Lageira and Bernard Lamarche. This publication demonstrates the scope and depth of Claire Savoie’s artistic approach, her poetic sensibility and the experimental nature of her work.

It is the fruit of a collaborative effort between VOX and the Musée régional de Rimouski, following exhibitions of the artist’s work in both institutions in 2007.


Claire Savoie. 05.02.2006 - 05.02.2007 (date-vidéos)
2007.01.20 - 03.03

For some years now, the work of Claire Savoie has deployed a poetics of grazing and dizziness. Paradoxically, the artist has mapped out the…

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