Migrations Areas. Raymonde April – Michèle Waquant


140 pp., ill. col. and b/w, biogr.
17.5 x 23 cm + dvd
Coedition Le Quartier, centre d’art contemporain de Quimper, France and VOX, centre de l'image contemporaine
ISBN 2-908939-45-2
French, English
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Dominique Abensour, Raymonde April, Chantal Boulanger and Michèle Waquant

This publication comprises unpublished works produced for the exhibition and documents that bear witness to both the artists’ respective research and personal history. In the publication, photographs from family albums retrace the artists’ histories as well as the experiences and relationships that influenced the development of their work and the esthetic similarities of their images. Along with its abundant visual documentation, the publication includes a dialogue between Chantal Boulanger and the artists commenting on the project’s genesis and genealogical form. It also includes a description of both Raymonde April and Michèle Waquant’s artistic approach.

A DVD recounting the exhibition’s journey and thoroughly documenting the artists’ work, as well as video selection of their work, accompany the publication.


Migration Areas
2005.11.03 - 12.17

The exhibition Migration Areas brings together two artists, Raymonde April and Michèle Waquant, whose artistic and personal…

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