Serge Tousignant. Exposés de recherche


188 p., ill. col. and b/w, biogr. solo and group (sel.) exhibitions, bibliogr.
16,5 x 24 cm
VOX, centre de l’image contemporaine
ISBN 978-2-9808856-4-8
French, English
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Jérôme Delgado, Mona Hakim, Marie J. Jean, Claudine Roger and Serge Tousignant

Under the direction of Marie J. Jean

Design: Dominique Mousseau

Not only does Tousignant belong to an exceptional lineage of artists, but his impressive career and original practice have had a significant impact on the Canadian art community and its history. This book examines the particular relationship that Tousignant established between his art practice and that of the exhibition. It seeks to contextualize significant works at the time of their public viewing, while providing an in-depth study of the history of exhibitions in Canada. Mona Hakim’s essay and Jérôme Delgado’s interview analyze a range of conceptual and aesthetic issues, while Marie J. Jean’s essay examines some twenty exhibitions in which the artist has taken part, seeking to understand how they constituted a stimulating research laboratory. The visual content of the book—organized around a selection of emblematic exhibitions—allows us to measure the range of those paths, while the bio-bibliography compiled by Claudine Roger outlines the biographical events and critical perspectives that have marked the artist’s career.

Prior to producing this monograph, VOX mounted in 2017 a retrospective exhibition that afforded in-depth study of Serge Tousignant’s practice and took the measure of his undeniable contribution to the history of Canadian art.


Serge Tousignant. Exposés de recherche
2017.04.13 - 06.23

VOX is organizing a retrospective of Serge Tousignant’s work, including his sculptural, pictorial, photographic and installation pratices. In the aim of anchoring an indepth study of Tousignant’s output in the context of a historiography of exhibitions in Québec, this restrospective features works from landmark exhibtions since the 1960s to which the artist participated…

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Interview with Serge Tousignant during his exhibition at VOX.

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