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No one could have foreseen that the year 2020-2021 would plunge us into an unprecedented sanitary, political and social crisis, resulting in sustained uncertainty for all and severe distress for some.

We want to assure you that although VOX has long remained in the red zone and has had to repeatedly postpone its public programming, we have been able to meet all our commitments to artists, curators, staff and other collaborators. This extended break allowed us to focus on our research projects and upcoming exhibitions, on the discoverability of our digital content and on the creation of a team of educators to conduct cultural activities in schools!

Today, we call upon your generosity to provide VOX with the support it needs to pursue its mission, both in terms of research and presentation initiatives.

Times will be tough in the coming year, especially for the underprivileged who have been hard hit by the pandemic and its impacts. Today we also encourage you to be generous and donate to charities and community organizations that provide crucial support to those in need.

This year, let’s show solidarity and give generously!

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Donate now!