VOX on tour
Over the years, VOX has been involved in one-time national and international happenings. We now want to plan and organize such actions over the long term, and to that end have instituted the VOX International department, which will be dedicated to co-production and exhibition touring projects, positioning us in a presentation network beyond Quebec’s borders, and helping support the dissemination of artists’ work.
Juan Ortiz-Apuy. Tropicana

A genuine foray into the world of objects, the youth exhibition Tropicana seeks to examine the way we consume today—always with a touch of humour—the better to understand its future impacts.

Skawennati. Teiakwanahstahsontéhrha’ | We Extend the Rafters

My name is Iotetshèn:’en, and I live on Earth—usually. Thus begins The Peacemaker Returns, a futuristic saga set in 3025 yet firmly rooted in the ancestral Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) confederation story. This new machinima—an animation-style movie produced on the virtual reality platform Second Life—is the core of this children’s exhibition designed specifically for kids aged 5 to 11 by Skawennati.

Serge Tousignant. Exposés de recherche

Exposés de recherche is a retrospective of Serge Tousignant’s versatile œuvre which consists of sculpture, painting, photography and installation art. This exhibition was produced in the context of a research project on the history and future of exhibitions in Quebec, which VOX plans to conduct until 2020.

Touring (Archives)
Clément de Gaulejac. Siren Songs

A lighthouse calling to mind a Tower of Babel, a one-eyed drill, and a clandestine grocery basket are some of the figures imagined by Clément de Gaulejac in his visual and sound installation created especially for young audiences aged 8 to 12.

Touring (Archives)
Jonathan Plante. One-Eyed-Rabbit

Lapincyclope is different. He has only one eye and would like to jump into his rabbit hole without chipping his teeth… He meets a worm that has no eyes but can navigate through holes in the ground! Together they will discover the power of imagination and the inner workings of sight: a little with the eyes, a lot with the brain, always with the heart.