Educational Program
VOX aims to play an important educational role to the broad community it serves by facilitating accessibility to contemporary art and multiplying exchanges between the art and education milieus. VOX organizes various educational activities (tours, meetings, discussions, mediations, etc…) on the issues raised by artistic practices and exhibition models. These activities are designed to provide students and teachers with an appealing and complete apprenticeship.
Activity for Seniors
Memories of the Red Light District

On the occasion of the exhibition The Radical Imaginary II: Reclaiming Value, VOX launches a new programme of activities created especially for senior audiences.

Family Saturdays at VOX
Juan Ortiz-Apuy Tropicana

VOX invites you to share a playful moment with your kids! The youth exhibition Tropicana is accompanied by an individual visit and a creative workshop *in your family bubble*… plus it’s free!

As of February 27, 2021

Cultural activity. Elementary schools et Secondary Cycle 1
Juan Ortiz-Apuy. Tropicana

Tropicana’s accompanying activities are designed to awaken the senses and critical thinking, enabling participants to decode advertising messages and learn how to consume responsibly. In addition to a guided tour, students will have an opportunity to take part in observation games and a workshop designed to deepen their understanding of-the issues raised by Ortiz-Apuy.

Until June 23, 2021


Guided Tours

Tours of current exhibitions are open to all visitors wishing to acquire tools to help them interpret, explore, analyze and appreciate contemporary art and curatorial practice.

Nuit blanche and Journées de la culture

In addition to tours and activities VOX often organizes in collaboration with other organizations, conferences and other activities designed for a general public with the aim to stimulate research and thinking on various issues in contemporary art.

VOX is adding to the frenzy that has seized the Quartier des spectacles by participating in Nuit blanche and Journées de la culture. The public is invited to discover current exhibitions and participate in activities specifically designed for the occasion. Two mediators will be availabe to welcome, guide,and answer questions. See you there!


VOX offers a selection of exclusive interviews with artists and curators who discuss their work and their exhibition at VOX. These interviews since 2012 provide an overview of the practices presented and enrich a substantial archive will certainly contribute to the advancement of knowledge on the history of exhibitions.

Suggested Reading

VOX suggested readings will help enrich your thinking about our most recent exhibitions.