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Bridget Moser

Portrait de Bridget Moser.
Portrait de Bridget Moser.

Née 1986, Vancouver, Canada

Vit Toronto, Canada

Expositions / projections
Individuelles : You Bark, I Bite, SPACES Gallery, Cleveland / Latitude 53, Edmonton (2019) ; If You Have a Similar Story Keep it to Yourself, PLATFORM Centre, Winnipeg (2018) ; Every Room is a Waiting Room, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina (2017) ; Things a Person is Supposed to Wonder, Xing Roam, Bologne (2017) ; A Person with Nothing to Hide Hides Nothing, Richard Rhodes Dupont Projects, Toronto (2016) ; Reference Materials, Galleria Artericambi, Vérone (2016) ; Bridget Moser: Is This Thing On?, MSVU Art Gallery, Halifax (2015).

Collectives : What if we were alive?, Untitled Art Society, Calgary (2018) ; Inches, Feet, Verse, Metre, Marsèlleria, New York (2018) ; Fusebox Festival, Austin (2018) ; FUSE, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver (2018) ; 2017 Sobey Art Award Exhibition, Art Museum at the University of Toronto, Toronto (2017) ; After the Internet, Bunker 2, Toronto (2017) ; Propped, Oakville Galleries, Oakville (2017) ; Form Follows Fiction: Art and Artists in Toronto, Art Museum at the University of Toronto, Toronto (2016) ; Push and Pull, Mercer Union, Toronto (2014).

[Source : VOX, 2019]

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