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Alexandra Lemay

Alexandra Lemay portrait
Alexandra Lemay portrait. Courtesy of the artist.

Alexandra Lemay is an art director, fabricator, and stop-motion animation filmmaker who immerses herself in all things pop culture. Her creative work spans across television, museums, advertising, and film, where she designs and brings to life captivating puppets, props, and costumes. However, her ultimate passion lies in storytelling, and she delights in using self-deprecating humor to uncover life’s dark little secrets.

Alexandra Lemay has directed two short films with the National Film Board of Canada, All the Rage (2014) and Freaks of Nurture (2018), both of which have been audience favorites. She co-produced and directed her first self-funded live-action and animation hybrid, Quick Fix (2020), showcasing her versatile skill set as a filmmaker. She recently completed her latest stop-motion short film, The Dog Ate My Homework (2023), which was produced by VOX, centre de l'image contemporaine. [Source: VOX, 2023]