VOX — Centre de l’image contemporaine

Educational Program

VOX aims to play an important educational role to the broad community it serves by facilitating accessibility to contemporary art and multiplying exchanges between the art and education milieus. VOX organizes various educational activities (tours, meetings, discussions, mediations, etc…) on the issues raised by artistic practices and exhibition models. These activities are designed to provide students and teachers with an appealing and complete apprenticeship.

Alexandra Lemay, Le chien a mangé mes devoirs, 2023.

The Dog Ate My Homework

Educational kit: children and screens

VOX invited director Alexandra Lemay to create a short stop-motion film for young audiences. Along with a digital learning toolkit, The Dog Ate My Homework is intended to be a starting point to get young people to think about the time they spend in front of screens and the use they make of online content.


Activité de médiation à VOX, septembre 2022.

Activity for Seniors