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Beginning in September 2023, VOX will stream a program of short and medium-length films by Quebec and international artists. Processing images to amplify the data they contain is the basis for abundant artistic and videographic production. The emergence and proliferation of open source media, widespread use of smartphones and access to geolocation data, use of software and other technologies in forensics or digital modeling are delivering ever more efficient means of visual investigation. Artists have embraced this technological armada to conduct inquiries into allegations of human rights violations or colonization processes, or to support social or environmental justice causes. Their investigations are central to this program of films untitled The Zapruder Effect.

Sanaz Sohrabi, _Scenes of Extraction_ | صحنه های استخراج, 2023, image fixe, film-essai, 43 min, Canada/Iran.

Sanaz Sohrabi. Scenes of Extraction

This essay film is the outcome of the Sanaz Sohrabi’s recent research in the archives of British Petroleum.