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Sanaz Sohrabi
Scenes of Extraction

2023.09.27 - 11.05

Scenes of Extraction | صحنه های استخراج is the outcome of the artist’s recent research in the archives of British Petroleum. The company played a frontline economic and identity-shaping role in Iran, ushering in a certain ideal of modernity in the country before being nationalized in part. The essay film, the second instalment of a trilogy, renders visible the political function of imaging technologies in BP’s geological investigations. Seismic prospecting techniques, filmed documentation of boreholes and aerial photography, geological studies and topographical surveys–here modelled in 3D–reveal the stigmata left by the extractive industry on Iran’s landscape as well as the communications strategies behind this abundant documentation. Using previously unseen archival materials, the artist uncovers the traces of a system that dispossessed Iranian resources and identity.

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This film is only available in Canada and the United States.