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Amy Balkin

Amy Balkin, _Public Smog_, installation, 2004-ongoing. Courtesy of the artist.

Amy Balkin is an artist whose works propose alternatives for conceiving the public domain outside current legal and discursive systems, addressing property relations, environmental justice, and equity in the context of climate change. Her work and collaborations include A People’s Archive of Sinking and Melting (Balkin et al.), a climate-change archive of the future anterior, clean-air park Public Smog, and The Atmosphere, A Guide, which traces some human influences on the sky.

Her work has been exhibited in Sublime. The Tremors of the World (Centre Pompidou Metz), Hybris. A Possible Approach to Ecoaesthetics (MUSAC), Rights of Nature (Nottingham Contemporary), and dOCUMENTA (13), and published in Decolonizing Nature (Sternberg), Materiality (Whitechapel/MIT) and Critical Landscapes (UC Press). She lives in San Francisco.