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Christoph Fink

Travel and movements are the components of my research and work method. Movement #85, Montréal walks, November 23–December 1, 2007, 195 hours, 30 minutes and 51 seconds or 703,851 seconds: a flight from Brussels to Heathrow, London. Thence, another flight, transatlantic this time, suffused by the light of a sunset drawn out over six hours. The plane landed in Montréal on a snow-covered surface. The days that followed led to several perambulations in the city. 1. An initial walk, from east to west, stopping by the gallery and proceeding all the way to the Saint-Laurent River in very cold conditions. 2. A second stroll, configured according to a circular movement about the gallery. 3. A crossing of the city from east to west, via Mount Royal. 4. A second morning ascent of Mount Royal, from the southeast flank. 5. A route toward the southern tip of the island in the bitter cold. 6. A second route toward the northern part of the city, under falling snow. 7. A crossing of one of the island’s bridges. 8. A final ascent of Mount Royal from the north to the southeast. The voyage concluded with another transatlantic flight, at night, to London, and a fairly eventful afternoon hop back to Brussels. Impressions, observations and descriptions were systematically noted.

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