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Dirk Braeckman

Dirk Braeckman, born in 1958, lives and works in Gand, Belgium.

Since 1985, Braeckman’s work has been shown regularly in Belgium and abroad. In 1999, a major exhibition entitled z.Z(t), was produced by the Museum Dhondt-Dhaenes in Deurle; the exhibition then toured, to Anvers and to Gand. Braeckman’s photographic work has also been presented in solo exhibitions, including at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, the Centro de Fotografia at the University of Salamanca, Spain, the International House of Osaka, and Espace photographique Contretype in Brussels. He has received a number of international awards, and his works are included in many museum collections in Europe and the United States. He is represented by Zeno X Gallery in Anvers.