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Épopée is a cinema action group created in 2007, during the making of the film Men for Sale, a documentary about drug addiction and male sex workers in Montreal. The group was formed in the context of the disappearance of film stock amid the digital revolution, and the hijacking of national cinemas by television and large distributors. Épopée reclaims the means of film production through a newfound creative and collective process. Between 2010 et 2012, Épopée embarked on fiction and documentary projects in collaboration with sex workers and drug users in Montreal’s Centre-Sud district. They resulted in the website epopee.me, two feature films (The State of the Moment and The State of the World), as well as several gallery installations. A fiction feature, Love in a Time of Civil War, written during the epopee.me writing workshops, will be produced in 2012–2013.