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Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV)

Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV) was founded in Montreal in 1975 within a context of social and cultural effervescence in Quebec by a group of women and men who were independent directors. In the 1980s, driven by feminism, GIV focused on the distribution of videos made by women. This mandate has remained current. This artists’ center supports the practice of media arts in its various forms and currents, both artistic and activist. The collection currently includes 1260 titles representing the work of 330 artists. It reflects a plurality of approaches and treatments, offering views of women of all generations and cultures. GIV strives to promote a redefinition of the relationship between audience and maker. Throughout the year, GIV organizes exhibition and creation activities in collaboration with artists from several disciplines, guest curators, festivals and community organizations, as well as creating and fostering digital works on the web.

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