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Matt and Hallie Donovan/Siegel

Portrait of Hallie Siegel and Matt Donovan
Portrait of Hallie Siegel and Matt Donovan.

Matt Donovan and Hallie Siegel are a Toronto-based arts collaborative who explore the hopes and anxieties brought about by major technological disruptions. In blending 2D and 3D, text and sculpture, narrative and gesture, they create seamless hybrids that deconstruct material expectations and defy simple classification.

Their practice is informed by their respective professional engagements. Matt has extensive expertise as an industrial designer and conservator of kinetic artworks. As an artist he has worked independently constructing elaborate bas-relief sculptures using Lego blocks. Hallie is Co-Chair of the Canadian Robotics Council (CRC) and Managing Director of Strategy & Partnerships at the University of Toronto Robotics Institute.

Their works have been exhibited in North America and Europe, where they were featured artists at the Edinburgh Art Festival in Scotland in 2016. Their most recent immersive and meditative installation was showcased at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto in 2023. [Source: VOX, 2024]

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