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Michael Snow

Portrait of Michael Snow (1928-1923). Photo: Craig Boyko.
Portrait of Michael Snow (1928-1923). Photo: Craig Boyko.

Michael Snow was born in Toronto – but has also lived in Montreal, Chicoutimi and New York.

For the past forty years, Michael Snow has moved at will from one discipline to another, putting into play, in the humorous style for which he is famous, the conventions around the way a work is received, represented, and narrated and its duration. A multidisciplinary artist, he is a painter, musician, and sculptor, though he is better known for his film and photographic production. Michael Snow has been honoured with solo exhibitions and retrospectives around the world including: the Venice Biennale in 1970; Documenta 6, 1977; Centre Pompidou, Paris 2002-03. He has earned numerous international awards and titles and his works are found in major public collections. [Source: VOX, 2005]

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