VOX — Centre de l’image contemporaine

Radical Imaginary

We initiated a series of exhibitions, lectures and films about the Institution and its history, seeking to understand how artists have either associated themselves with or been opposed to it, gradually inflecting its positions. The objective is to observe an alternative form of institutional critique that conceives of the components of the institution (the judicial system, the university, the government, the finance, etc.) as a set of processual forms, in constant transformation. The judicial system and the economy were the first institution studied in this initial component. The works presented questioned legal or economic tools and concepts so as to reveal how they act upon art, its system and its players, while altering the rules of the social game.

Exibition view of _Radical Imaginary : The Social Contract_ showing a Jill Magid installation, VOX, 2018. Crédit : Michel Brunelle.