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Jenny Cartwright, I Remember a Time When No One Jogged in This Neighbourhood, video, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

Jenny Cartwright et AM Trépanier Screening and discussion


VOX is pleased to invite you to a screening of the documentary I Remember a Time When No One Jogged in This Neighbourhood (2021) by filmmaker Jenny Cartwright, which will be followed by a discussion between the director and artist AM Trépanier. This discussion will tackle how these two artists have dealt with the topic of gentrification and its effects on the residents of the Parc-Extension neighbourhood as well as on the sex workers in the former Red Light District.

On this occasion, AM Trépanier will discuss the installation dans le souffle de c. (2022), created especially for the exhibition The Radical Imaginary II: Reclaiming Value in collaboration with the Sex Work Autonomous Committee (SWAC).

The public is invited to visit AM Trépanier’s installation, presented at VOX until December 3, during the centre’s regular opening hours or immediately prior to the screening (allow 1 hour to view the full video).

Jenny Cartwright explores themes of self-determination and inequality through topics such as gentrification, activism, work and poverty. It is through this bias towards the sidelined that she attempts to combine poetry and manifestos.

Anne-Marie (AM) Trépanier is an artist-researcher and editor. Through their practice, they explore the specificities of different media, technologies and actions to (re)mediate the narratives that traverse a given situation. Their artistic activities take the form of publications, videos, discussions, websites and exhibitions.

To explore

See the documentary resources that informed the project dans le souffle de c. by AM Trépanier in collaboration with the Sex Work Autonomous Committee (SWAC).