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Erik Bordeleau

Portrait of Erik Bordeleau
Portrait of Erik Bordeleau.

Erik Bordeleau is a philosopher, curator, fugitive planner and cultural theorist. He works as a researcher at NOVA University in Lisbon and is also affiliated researcher at the Art, Business and Culture Center of Stockholm School of Economics. He has published and co-edited several books and articles in different languages at the intersection of political philosophy, contemporary art, world cinema, blockchain cultures, finance and media theory. A German translation of his book on the commons, Das Commons des Kommunismus. Eine Kartographie, was published in 2021 at Büchner Verlag. In collaboration with Saloranta & De Vylder, he is developing The Sphere, a Web 3.0 research-creation project exploring new ecologies of funding for the performing arts. He collaborates actively to the weirdeconomies.com platform, where he coordinates the Cosmo-Financial Study Group. He lives between Lisbon and Berlin and enjoys, from time to time, the discreet charm of the precariat. [Source : VOX, 2023]