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VOX is a publisher engaged in research on image practices. It produces monographic works that have become references for art history research in Quebec. Grouped under the collection A Posteriori, it also publishes essays on artists and curatorial practice or offering analyses on current issues. VOX is a member of CÉAC, a collective of publishers dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary art, which has come together to reflect on all aspects of publishing, from distribution to its digital future.


The Exhibition as Experience: Young Audiences and Art

This book contextualizes 6 children’s projects and their complementary mediation activities. It includes two essays on their pedagogical and reflective approaches, and situates them within a history of mediation in the museum context.

A Posteriori 32 - Diane Landry

Diane Landry

A Posteriori 31 - Sanaz Sohrabi

Sanaz Sohrabi

A Posteriori 30 - Anne-Marie Proulx

Anne-Marie Proulx

A Posteriori 29 - Désœuvrer la valeur - art et finance

The Radical Imaginary II: Reclaiming Value

A Posteriori 32 - Clemens von Wedemeyer

Clemens von Wedemeyer

A Posteriori 26 - Colin Campbell et Lisa Steele

Colin Campbell and Lisa Steele

A Posteriori 25 - Les années musicales : 1920-2020

The Musical Years: 1920–2020

A Posteriori 24 - Mathieu Cardin

Mathieu Cardin

A Posteriori 23 - Monique Moumblow

Monique Moumblow

A Posteriori 24 - Jean-Paul Kelly

Jean-Paul Kelly

A Posteriori 21 -  le cas de la seconde exposition automatiste

“Créer à rebours vers l’exposition”: The case of the Automatist exhibitions

A Posteriori 20 - Créer à rebours vers l’exposition : le cas de 03 23 03

Créer à rebours vers l’exposition : le cas de 03 23 03

A Posteriori 19 - L'imaginaire radical 1 : le contrat social

The Radical Imaginary: The Social Contract

A Posteriori 29 - le cas de Montréal, plus ou moins ?

“Créer à rebours vers l’exposition”: The case of Montreal, plus or minus?

A Posteriori 17 - Loretta Fahrenholz

Loretta Fahrenholz

Essai sur Erdem Taşdelen par Övül Ö. Durmusoglu, 2018.

Erdem Taşdelen

A Posteriori 15 - Chto Delat?

Chto Delat?

A Posteriori 14 - le cas de Chambres avec vues

"Créer à rebours vers l’exposition" : the Case of Chambres avec vues

A Posteriori 13 - Jonathan Monk

Jonathan Monk

A Posteriori 12 - Serge Tousignant

Serge Tousignant