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Nelson Henricks, Marie J. Jean et Claire Savoie, _Micropolitique du travail de l'artiste : une enquête visuelle_, 2023.

Neslon Henricks, Marie J. Jean and Claire Savoie
A visual essay on the artist’s work

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Is art a form of invisible work? This visual essay explores various questions related to artists’ work, using the motif of the crazy wall. The latter is often used as a projection space in which the investigator spatializes their reflections and inductions. This visual device, which consists of a wall covered with visual and textual data, is also frequently used in films and TV series to metaphorically make visible the unfolding process of a police investigation, as well as to illustrate mental paths of thought. In this visual essay, the image-wall will be conceptually activated using the tools of composite imagery to formulate new hypotheses on the working conditions of artists today.